One of the practices I’ve been returning to so far this year is some kind of daily writing. 📝 It’s not words to publish anywhere… it just one of my favorite ways to think.

I’ve used this iPad Mini for the last year as a ‘focus’ device – it doesn’t have any ‘input’ apps on it like social media or mail. I’ve mostly used it for reading or for taking handwritten notes during meetings.

But it’s also turned out to be a good solution for this writing practice. Anything with the input apps makes it too easy to break away with a quick keystroke and ‘check’ something. But here…it’s just easier to start writing.

Funny thing is, this keyboard dates back to when I had almost this same physical setup about 6 or 7 years ago when an iPad Mini was my primary iPad. It was so darn portable then, and it’s so darn helpful for focus now.