As it turns out, putting the new grinder on the edge of the counter right above the garbage can was the best decision I made in 2023.

Coffee grounds all over grinder

Sad to read that Castro is facing challenges, and potentially shutting down. It’s been my podcasting app of choice for about ten years.

Last night, I entertained the idea of returning to bullet journaling in 2024.

This morning, I flipped through the 9 months of pages from my 2018 BuJo and remembered that … it didn’t work that well for me.

First play of Scythe with The Wind Gambit expansion.

Scythe board game with The Wind Gambit expansion

Sooner or later, we all have to determine if we are going to be the kind of person who listens to albums, or the kind of person who listens to playlists.

Albums is the only correct answer.

Well this new brew setup is turning out to be a very pleasant addition to my morning routine.

Fellow Stagg pourover brewer

I can feel my headphone wearing stamina increasing every day. Just have to put in the reps.

Finished reading: Where the Deer and the Antelope Play by Nick Offerman 📚

Always appreciate a book that is fun, but also deeply thoughtful.

Do I have any idea how I would put a Raspberry Pi 5 to use? Nope. Did I pre-order one? Yep.

So, in summary, Sonoma is a collection of the most beautiful wallpaper images Apple has ever offered, with the option to put new kinds of widgety clutter on top of it.

Had a dream my Apple Pencil wouldn’t hold a charge anymore, and the Genius Bar told me it would be an 18 month turnaround to have it replaced.

Consortio Dei #28 - Matt Erickson

A pleasure to have this conversation about spiritual formation with my new friend and fellow’er @mwerickson

This latest GoodNotes update is really nice, and reminds me of my ever present inkling to be more ‘analog’ … or at least handwrite things more. But other than notes while meeting with directees, I’ve never consistently found something that seems more useful to capture with handwriting.

I have another Practicing Examen cohort starting in a few weeks, and I’d love to have you be part of it. This is a practical and simple prayer that helps you be more aware of what God is up to in your heart and in your daily activities. Details here.

Finished reading: The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green 📚

One of those rare books that offers an equal blend of chuckles, new learnings, and ideas to mull over.

(I’ve fallen so so far behind in dropping book updates here, but working to catch up on a few standouts.)

Reaching for the orange coffee mug always feels like a solid choice, but today it was a poor one as I anticipate USWNT vs the Netherlands this evening. ⚽️

Orange coffee mug on side table

Consortio Dei #26 - Jared Boyd

I’ve appreciated Jared’s work and voice from afar for some time. He is a helpful voice for imagining what ancient forms of spiritual formation might look like in modern times.

Trellis: O Wisdom, Wisdom, Wherefore Are Thou Wisdom?

Wisdom is not often mentioned these days, and even less is it pursued. But it is needed as much as it ever was.

Finished reading: In This World of Wonders by Nicholas Wolterstorff 📚

I haven’t read anything else by Wolterstorff, but a memoir from a life long learner is always time well spent.

Finished reading: Open Mind, Open Heart 20th Anniversary Edition by Thomas Keating 📚

I’ve read a few books on Centering Prayer…this one serves as the best intro to the practice.